Should you buy a Handicare stairlift?

Mobility Scotland is proud to partner with Handicare Stairlifts to bring some incredible stairlifts solutions to our customers in Glasgow and beyond. Through this partnership we are able to deliver some amazing solutions due to the design and innovation that make Handicare stairlifts some of the best.

Star Product Award

The Handicare 1100 straight stairlift has been awarded Star Product status by Access and Mobility Products in their Mobility Products of the Year!

Are My Stairs Wide Enough?

We are excited to supply our customers with the amazing Handicare 1100; one of the slimmest straight stairlifts on the market. As it is one of the slimmest on the market, it means that most straight stairs can easily accommodate the Handicare 1100.

It is a very common question that we get asked when our customers first start to make enquiries about the option of getting a stairlift installed in their home. Once someone has decided that this would be the perfect solution to the issue of getting up and down stairs then a lot of questions start to emerge…such as, ‘How much will it cost?’ ‘What type of stairlift will I need?’ and ‘Are my stairs wide enough for a stairlift?’

The Handicare 1100 model has an ultra slim track meaning that it takes up less of the stairs are taken up by the Handicare stairlift. This leaves lots of room for others who use the stairs to go up and down. As the track is so slim it also has the added advantage that it can be installed even closer to the wall which again frees up more space. The seat, arm rests and foot plate can also be folded when the seat is parked which again allows for extra space allowing others plenty of room to pass safely.

The design features on the Handicare 1100 model mean that it really does deliver.

Handicare 1100 Features

The Handicare 1100 is also extremely easy to keep clean. Due to the design of the track there is no tooth rack meaning that there is no grease or oil needed on the rail. Unlike other stairlifts which have grease, the rail on the 1100 is easy to clean and safe to touch. 

The 1100 is powered by four powerful yet super quiet and extremely reliable motors. It would be rare for one of the motor to break down. However, in the unlikely event that one did, the three remaining motor would enable users to complete their journey and either get to the top or bottom of the stairs in safety.  

Handicare Stairlift Partner

As a trusted Handicare Stairlift partner, Mobility Scotland are on hand to ensure that our customers in Glasgow and the surrounding areas will be able to find the right stairlift for their home and their requirements. The Handicare range is extensive which allows us to supply inspiring innovations in stairlifts for every conceivable staircase.

Our surveyors and engineers have been fully trained by Handicare to survey, install and maintain the stairlifts to the highest standard.

On the rare occasion that Handicare stairlifts break down, our team of engineers are on hand for our customers in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. (Within a 25 hour radius)

Experience and Knowledge

Through our 15 years of experience providing mobility products to our valued customers, we understand some of the frequent concerns and main criteria when purchasing a stairlift.

As a British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) Member we employknowledgeable, trained and ethical staff, ensuring great care and attention all underwritten by the BHTA a government supported industry regulator. We work alongside healthcare professionals every day and so understand what to consider when selecting the best solution to fulfil the needs of our customers.

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