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Make your body stronger, healthier and more powerful

Personal Trainer Glasgow

Personal Trainer Glasgow, West End



See yourself transform along your journey into the person you want to be!



Set and achieve goals that progress your beyond what you thought was possible!



Learn to move and lift properly so that you can carry your results forward in any gym you use!

body letting you down?



Tired of walking into a room and not feeling comfortable? Dread buying clothes that never fit?


Got an event on the horizon?

Signed up for a fitness event and nervous you might hold the team back?


Looking to add muscle?

There’s so much information out there it can be confusing as to how correctly do this.



Do you get worried every time you climb the stairs or slightly exert yourself?



Training for a holiday? Let me show how to keep your results beyond the beach


Want to get more out of sport?

Find your are lacking in certain elements of your game?

By working with an experienced personal trainer in Glasgow, you’ll achieve your goals much quicker!

fred on the rowing machine
exercising arms
Dumbbell row exercises

The problems with most personal trainers 

Finding a great personal trainer is difficult. There’s so many of them out there, yet so few who can deliver the live-changing results that you are looking for.

Short Term Thinking

Short-term thinking

Short term thinking has never given you long term results. The most common sales pitch in Personal training is the 6 week transformation, these over focus on getting you as lean as possible with unrealistic diet plans and over training and with no care for your long term health or goals.

Strength vs Aesthetic

strength vs aesthetic

Aesthetic training fall short on so many levels. Pushed by less knowledgable personal trainers, training programmes can become overly complicated, making it very difficult to fit into working life. 

Poor nutritional advice

Poor nutritional advice

The one thing that will slow you down and frustrate you more than anything is poor nutritional advice. Poor trainers will tell you exactly what to eat, with a focus on constricting rather than enjoying your food. Why would you want to learn to eat in a way that that creates a negative impact on you.

How to become strong and Confident

Step 1: Create long-term health goals

Establishing a long term goals is a great way to give your training some direction and stop your frustrations. This will give you clear vision of where to begin your training and how to develop it going forward ensuring that you hit your targets and reach your goals. 

Step 2: Learn to use proper form

Correct form and understanding of your movements are the next steps towards success. When you learn these, training becomes more efficient and will get you to your intended goals. Learning how to move will also ensure no problems with long term injuries which could really slow you down.

Step 3: Stay accountable

Stay on track, find a system to check you are always moving forward and getting closer to that end goal. This will allow you to see constant progression and will stop you getting frustrated when you don’t necessarily see visual change occurring.

If you are able to do these 3 things, you do not need a personal trainer

Unfortunately, self-training is harder than it looks and most people fail to see their programmes through.

Fred with PT clients in Glasgow

My background

“I have been involved in the fitness industry for 9 years now, 5 in Ireland and 4 in the UK. In that time, I have helped countless clients achieve their goals, push beyond them and pursue new ones.

My approach has always been about sustainability, looking to carry your fitness journey in to the long term, while also showing you that you are capable for more than you think.

With my background in Rugby and as a Strength and Conditioning coach, my approach has always been to develop clients in all elements of what true fitness is, being ready for any situation as it comes. Because of this way of thinking, together we will develop your flexibility, your movement, your strength, your endurance, your speed and a way of eating that is enjoyable and sustainable, while fuelling your body the way it should be.

Training this way, will give you more than just aesthetics, it will give you a body that is useful, that will take care of you and that you can be proud of.”

What makes me different?

I want to get to know you, find what makes you tick and use that to push you towards your goals. 

Together we will build a routine for you that will fit into your schedule and keep you seeing results. I’ll teach you everything you will need to know to ensure you continue to carry on with your fitness journey even when I’m not around.


“I’ve been working with Fred since August 2017, now feeling stronger and lighter than ever! Fred takes time to listen to your goals and sets an achievable programme, but also challenges you so that you can do more than you think. He’s also really patient and caring, taking time to help you learn proper ways to do exercises. I can now deadlift properly and have a much more balanced approach to health and fitness. Definitely recommend Fred,
Awesome personal trainer!”

– Alison McCandlish

“I’ve been going to Fred now for over a year. I had a shoulder injury with a lack of movement which is virtually gone now, since I started working with him and we are now working on building my strength and I’m doing things I’ve never thought I could do! I could have stopped after my injury got better but decided to continue to improve the rest me. Amazing personal trainer in Glasgow, couldn’t recommend anyone else.”

– Kitty Arthur, Glasgow

“Fred designs a programme to fit you and your goals, working you hard but making sure each session is different but also fun! He is flexible and can work around your schedule and the gym is top class with a huge variety of equipment keep your workout varied and interesting. Whether your goal is to increase strength, weight loss or just getting back into fitness, I would
thoroughly recommend Fred.”

– Suzanne Hall

“Really excellent personal trainer, helping me rebuild strength after successive back injuries. Really focuses on technique, makes you work hard, but always enjoyable and informative. I’ll keep training with Fred for some time to reach my fitness goals.”

– Dave McQueen

“Just moved to Glasgow recently and was recommended Fred through a friend. Had a couple of sessions so far and am very impressed. I’ve used a few personal trainers before and am very happy with the cost and plan (exercise and diet) Fred has put me on. 👍”

– Robert O’ Shaughnessy

“Fred’s a brilliant personal trainer and I’d highly recommend to anyone. My busy work schedule means that I don’t get in the gym as much as I’d like, but Fred put me on a High Intensity strength + conditioning program which has delivered results no end. I’m leaner, fitter and most importantly motivated! Highly recommend!!”

– Jack O’Driscoll

“Fred is an exceptional personal trainer. I used his service in Glasgow and achieved outstanding results.

Thanks again!”

– Grant Finlay

“Fred is fantastic! I started off my gym experience with going to classes but soon wanted a challenge and to develop myself further! I always wanted to start lifting weights but never had the confidence to do so. I decided to look into getting a Personal Trainer & got in contact with Fred! His experience in strength & conditioning and knowledge of lifting sold it for me! He looks into every detail and tailors a programme specifically for you and your needs wether it’s sport specific, muscle gain, weight loss etc all I can say is it was the best thing I ever done, as a footballer it has developed not only the physical side to my game but also mentally! I can’t thank or highly recommend Fred enough!!”

– Amy Bulloch

“Fred is a fantastic personal trainer who really helped improve my overall strength and fitness. I would highly recommend his services for people of all abilities as he is able to tailor a programme that suits your specific needs.”

– Michael King

“Would highly recommend Fred! He’s a great motivator and has great chat! Able to give advice on nutrition as well as fitness.”

– Laura Johnston

“Would highly recommend Fred! He’s a great motivator and has great chat! Able to give advice on nutrition as well as fitness.”

– Laura Johnston

“Not the normal PT, Fred goes in-depth and tailors your routine for you, focusing on correcting weaknesses and imbalances in your movement so you can get to your goal quicker and without injuring yourself. Highly recommended.”

– Jonathan Conkey

“Fred is an excellent motivator, a smiling assassin!! But he definitely gets the job done. I’d thoroughly recommend him.”

– Richard Gordon

“I did training with Fred and his sessions were great. Fantastic at what he does! He gave me solid advise and workout tips and helped me achieve the results I wanted. Would recommend to anyone.”

– Ian Jackson

“I highly recommend Fred as a personal trainer. I’ve been working with Fred for almost two years. I started off as a beginner to the gym. With his coaching I’ve seen massive changes in my fitness levels, body shape, and weight. He always fits in around my busy schedule with ease and is always at the other end of the phone for support. I’ve always felt out my comfort zone in gyms and Fred has made me feel at ease. His personal, friendly and welcoming approach makes you feel like you are receiving a bespoke service, tailored to your own needs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, and I now even look forward to the gym! Which is a massive achievement – thanks Fred!”

– Laura Sparkes

Dumbells at Glasgow gym
Gym Balls in Glasgow
Rowing machine in Glasgow

The solution you need

A world-class personal trainer who cares about your health


Learn to use the gym properly

I will teach you how to lift weights properly so that you can walk into any gym and feel confident when training


Accountability Partner

I will show how to easily track your progress and how to make adjustments to ensure you keep heading towards your goals



I will design a programme specific to your needs allowing you to grow stronger and more confident


Achieve your fitness goals Fast

I’ll make sure that life doesn’t get in the way and that you achieve what you want quicker than before


Improve your confidence

I’ll make you feel so confident about training that you’ll actually look forward to working out


Start enjoying exercise

I will open your eyes to different training styles allowing you to find the perfect routine that complements your goals

Contact info: 


HyperMove Personal Training
145 Kelvinhaugh St,
G3 8PX



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