Personal Trainer Glasgow

Get in better shape with a qualified personal trainer 

"The programme has given me the knowledge and motivation to get my health in gear and to the point where I feel confident about myself again"

- Jeremy

Struggling With ANY Of The following?

A lack of confidence

Constant fatigue

Poor stamina

Low motivation levels

Unsure about exercises

Poor eating habits

If you answered "YES" to any of the above then personal training sessions can help you!

Why You're Experiencing These Problems


Lack Of Activity

If you don't get your body moving regularly it will stiffen up


Lack Of Support

Without guidance from an expert, exercise can get confusing


Poor Habits

It's hard to overcome deeply ingrained routines and habits

How We can help you

personal trainer glasgow

Weekly Personal Training Sessions

A PT session will give you the knowledge motivation you need to continue pushing yourself

fitness plans

Personalised Workout Plans

Just follow our recommended workout plans and you'll quickly see the difference in the mirror

nutritional advice

Nutritional advice

We'll help you figure out the right kind of diet that will help you best achieve your goals

what to expect

get stronger

Stronger & More Energetic

You'll notice that you have a weird extra level of power you never had before

get confident

More Confident About Your Body

You'll start checking yourself out in the mirror and appreciating the way you look

impress friends

Impress your friends and family

People close to you will give you loads of compliments on your approach to health

We've helped over 100s of clients to achieve their fitness goals

3 years experience

3+ Years experience

Our personal trainers in Glasgow have years of experience helping clients to achieve their goals

experts in strength

Experts in strength

We understand what it takes to get you in great shape in a rapid time frame

fun and motivational

fun and motivating

Exercising should be not be a chore, we make it fun so you actually want to do it again

read some Reviews

“An exceptional personal trainer. I used the service in Glasgow and achieved outstanding results.“

- Grant

I've seen massive changes in my fitness levels, body shape, and weight.

- Laura

A brilliant personal trainer and I’d highly recommend to anyone.

- Jack

A fantastic personal trainer who really helped improve my overall strength and fitness. I would highly recommend the service for people of all abilities as he is able to tailor a programme that suits your specific needs.

- Michael

Just moved to Glasgow recently and was recommended through a friend. Had a couple a sessions so far and am very impressed. I've used a few personal trainers before and am very happy with the cost and plan (exercise and diet)

- Robert

Always positive and encouraging with great ideas for training. An excellent trainer and is highly recommended.

- Dave

Solid advice and workout tips and helped me achieve the results I wanted. Would recommend to anyone.

- Ian

Would highly recommend! A great motivator and has great chat! Able to give advice on nutrition as well as fitness.

- Laura

Get in better shape with a qualified personal trainer 

Frequently Asked Questions

Every personal training session is tailored to give you maximum benefit

How much does it cost to hire a personal trainer?

Our personal trainers charge £40 per hour.

How often should I get a personal training session?

Most clients will either opt for a weekly or bi-weekly training session to help them stay motivated and keep their posture at its best.

How long does it take to get a 6-pack?

It varies considerably from person-to-person. Some people just need to lose a little fat and a 6-pack will show. Other times, it will need a lot more work. It's best not to compare yourself with others and focus on breaking your goals into manageable chunks.

Can you give me advice on my diet?

Yes, eating right is a huge part of developing your fitness plan. Food is the fuel for your body so early on your personal trainer will help you understand your current food intake and then create a diet plan that you actually enjoy.

How many personal training sessions will I need?

Again, it varies depending on your goal. Some people just need one session to get a few pointers on how to position themselves properly for a squat. However, others need more attention and motivational sessions.

How should I prepare for a PT session?

A personal training session is often intensive so it's best to make sure you are well hydrated and have eaten a couple of hours before to make sure you are fueled up. Your PT will go through a warm-up prior to beginning to make sure you are nice and limber.

How quickly will I see the results of my sessions?

You'll feel the effects of your training right away as your muscles tense. However, it will take a couple of weeks for you to start noticing a major shift in your appearance.

Do the workouts ever get easier?

Yes. As you become used to exercising on a regular basis, it will feel less new to you and it'll seem easier. With that being said though, you'll still get a sweat on from every session.

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