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My Take On The “New Year, New Me” Craze

"New year new me", that’s what everyone is thinking at this time of year but is this really the way we should progress. Why start the new year as a completely different person, are things that catastrophic in your life that it needs such a drastic overhaul. Of course,...

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Great Parks in Glasgow For Working Out

Hey folks, it's Fred here! I was having a conversation with someone recently about which gym to work out from in Glasgow, but they were literally petrified of going in! They wouldn't tell me what it was, but they seemed pretty traumatised. Nevertheless, they still...

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Healthiest Restaurant in Glasgow

Big questions on a lot of hungry lips, which is the best guilt free eating too had in Glasgow. The answer, anywhere you like. Going out to a restaurant should be an occasion shared with a loved one, family members and friends, not a place where your diets restrictions...

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The Top 5 Types Of Gym in Glasgow

1. Studio gym By far my favourite choice, the studio gym offers a completely different experience to other gyms. I’ve been very fortunate to find myself working at True Gym Westend and love training my clients there. From the moment you enter you feel part of...

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