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Change doesn’t just happen, as much as a moment of inspiration may drive us to create change, what makes it last is consistency. Consistency will get you through the tougher days, the moments of doubt and the days you feel like things are never going to improve.  

The thing that most forget is that change in anything does not need to be a spectacular moment, it does not need to be an extreme transformation from one way of living to another, and it does not happen overnight. 

Planned consistency is the only way to keep yourself accountable and moving forward, to address any shortcomings you might have and not allow old habits to creep back in and stop you from attaining what you want.

I’m going to show you how I have managed to turn this year around, to a point where I’m back in shape, my business is once again moving in the right direction and I don’t feel like I’ve just plateaued in everything but rather I’ve found some excitement back in my day to day. 

The start of this year was not the easiest for me, although everything on the face of it look decent, I wasn’t happy with the way things were moving. I felt like I was only achieving half my potential, I was wasting a lot of time on pointless things and kept getting frustrated with myself for not having a better work ethic, which I knew I was very capable of having.

A new strategy was needed. The first thing I decided I had to stop saying was:

  “I’ll start fresh tomorrow, or monday” 

I’ve found removing this from my way of thinking has allowed me to be more proactive in changing my mindset and getting things done. The major problem in continuously waiting until tomorrow or monday is that your mood might change, or that energy you had in that moment will fade away. The “want” to change is created in moments like these and therefore you have to act on them straight away. Consistency will keep the change in you going. 

Acting on my frustrations from the start of the year, I decided to start with 3 simple changes that I stuck to for that first month.

  1. Go to bed and get up at regular times
  2. I am only allowed to eat when at home and with what I have bought from the supermarket
  3. I have to train 4 times a week (I should point out that there was no specific training routine, I went in and did what ever I felt like doing on the day, the only specific was and upper body day had to be followed by a lower body day)

This simple start and very effective change to my day to day is what lead me to develop my Monthly,Weekly, Morning and Evening routines. The set up is simple and by doing this It’s allowed me to build on each month, putting me in a much better position today then I was back in January.

Each of these are reassessed at the end of the month and I make changes if I have achieved a particular goal and need to take the next step, If something has not worked out the way I planned and a different approach is required or if i have outgrown the usefulness of a particular step. I don’t always change everything, sometimes a good routines just works and it’s best to stick with it for a while.

My monthly routine is more of a goals list of things I want to achieve by the end of the month. I aim for 3 with Work, Private Life, Health and Household goals. The more specific you are, the more likely it is to get them done in a shorter space of time. For example in health, saying “I want to get fit” is very broad, instead my most recent one was “I am going to run twice a week” another example, and this was for my private life, I went from saying “I want more time to myself” to “I am taking 2 days off a week where I will not look at work”. The thing to remember with these is that they will always evolve, so 2 days off a week, will turn into “I’m going to spend time with friends on Saturday’s and do more reading on Sunday’s”. Keep these simple to begin with and let them evolve naturally and only when feels right.

My weekly routine is about getting myself organised so that I can allow myself to follow through with these goals. For me to have my two days guilt free off, I have to book my clients in, Monday to Friday, I have to find time to do my admin during the week at times that makes sense, I basically need to ensure that by friday, I have all my work done and cleared for the week, not having anything to carry over into the next week. The runs are a little simpler, It’s just a case of prioritising set times in the week so you can go on that run with no excuses stopping you.

The morning and evening routines have been the biggest game changers in permitting me to do all this. I used these to remove any of my shortcomings which might get in the way of any progression and me having a productive day. Both of these change depending on whatI feel I need the most control in. 

Currently my morning routine has me awake at 6am feet on the floor by 6.05am, this is to stop me sleeping in and wasting time. I then drink a glass of water and change straight into my clothes for the day. The idea is to wake me up as much as possible so I get going with my day. I then have breakfast, something I used to skip because I hadn’t allowed time for it. From there, depending on what my day holds, I get on with it.

My evening routine, is largely based on having everything place for my morning routine to go off without a hitch, I also add in packing my bag for the next day, showering before bed, and reading a book to put me to sleep. 

I highly recommend trying to build consistency in your life, you can plan it out as much as you want, or start very simple like I did. Either way, start today, set some basic goals and plan how you are going to achieve them, in your Month, Week and Day to Day. Let these build up over time and you’ll find yourself much further along than you thought possible. I’ll finish on this, we all have bad days, instead of letting them control you, use them to your advantage as a moment to create that change you have needed for so long, to learn from and to build consistency.