Big questions on a lot of hungry lips, which is the best guilt free eating too had in Glasgow. The answer, anywhere you like.

Going out to a restaurant should be an occasion shared with a loved one, family members and friends, not a place where your diets restrictions need to follow you. If you are taking your exercise and your nutrition seriously, and looking at them with the intent of longevity, then going to a restaurant once in a while should not have enough of an impact on your life and your training that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy whatever you’d like.

Work on getting the diet right at home, your nutrition should be realistic and not focus on restriction, a healthy person looks to eat a maximum of calories to suite their lifestyle, not a minimum. This with a well planned out training programme should lead to continued results or maintenance of desired results. One night of calorie indulgence will not bring the whole house of cards down, same way missing a training session will not suddenly make you lose all that hard earned muscle you’ve been working on the last few months or years.

Remember, life needs to happen and be part of your exercise and fitness routine, because if it isn’t, it won’t last.

In conclusion, enjoying eating anywhere you like in Glasgow, my favourite, Number 16, highly recommend it, and get your balance right, eat at home 95% of the time and when you decide to go out, to be afraid  to indulge.

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