“New year new me”, that’s what everyone is thinking at this time of year but is this really the way we should progress. Why start the new year as a completely different person, are things that catastrophic in your life that it needs such a drastic overhaul. Of course, the flip of this is, does this way of thinking permit us to behave in such a way that promotes poor habits. 

This has been on my mind for the last couple weeks as I prepare myself to close off this year and ready for the next. Along with the obvious goal setting, I’ve been looking at what maybe slowed me down this year or distracted more than it should have, what given the proper time invested, could have brought me forward in life, whether personal, family or business.

The biggest goal I’ve worked on recent years and the reason I don’t think the new year new me kick works is ‘Make your situation better’. Don’t look to reinvent yourself but rather look to make a small change to one element of your life to improve it. Starting complete afresh means finding a whole new starting point, which requires a lot more work and changing a lot of things to get you to that point, never mind then bringing about the wanted change. 

Rather, assess where you are currently, recognise why you haven’t improved in a particular element of your life and make the change necessary. The sad reality of this, is that for the majority of the things I want to change or accomplish in my life, the main obstacle getting in my way is myself.

I have it in me to accomplish anything I want, nothing physically gets in my way, and my actions are not restraint by anyone, any thoughts otherwise are an illusion or wall I put up to allow to deal with fear of success and what it means to achieve it. Truly opening yourself up to others and saying this the truest me, my hardest work and I am putting that out there to be seen by you. 

One of my favourite quotes, or a section of it is:

 Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Well this got very deep very fast   I’ll finish off by saying, that over the last few years, by approaching this time of year in this manner and not constantly trying to reinvent myself but rather improve my current self, I have allowed myself to grow as a person, I’ve developed weakness in me, I’ve improved relationships and I’ve moved forward in my life, all of this  giving me that sense of progression I have long searched for.